These were found by a friend of mine, they are both evenly off the sirtut the entire Mezuza, the sofer (after yelling that you know nothing!!!!) said that it just happens sometimes! Any limud zechus?


  1. I woulod check for any anomalies in the writing, and see if they are also present in the other mezzuzot. That would prove that it is printed. I worked for many years as a magiah in Israel. Some Bnai Brak sofrim regularly wrote just below the sirtut. They claimed that they were acting on a psak of Rav Wosner z"l. True, Rav Wosner said this was kosher, but I know of no psak that it shoulkd be done l'chatchilah.

  2. the top of the lines are very straight and not the bottom. If he's so good that he got the top perfect he should have done the same on the bottom.

  3. Rav Vozner and Rav Ovadia were machshir (bedieved[Rav Vozner]) if written below the sirtut as long as the ksav is straight, meaning that the sirtut was used to maintain straight lines.
    However, Rav Elyashiv and others pasel ksav written below the sirtut. Rav Elyashiv held even 3 letters below is pasul and irreparable. Some poskim permitted fixing by adding ink to the heads to reach the sirtut.
    Hence, the sofer who yelled as if there was no problem is wrong. At best there's room to be machshir bedieved and if the mezuzahs belong to a shomer mitzvos should be replaced.
    With regards to printing, below the sirtut is one chashash but is hardly any proof on its own.


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