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Torah in Australia's Parliament

Hachnasos Sefer Torah/ Rambam on Tagim

B"H Two questions for the forum, 1) Is there a minhag to place the Sifrei Torahs inside the Aron Kodesh in between Hakafos by a Hachnasos Sefer Torah? Any information on this would be helpful. 2) Why does the Rambam (Hilchos Tefilin UMezuzos 5:3) tell us which letters of the mezuzah need tagim, which mentions only a fraction of the Shatnez Ga'tz letters? See Shulchan Aruch (Orach Chayim 36:3).


If it is not possible to put up a mezuzah both on outer tefach of the doorpost (green) and under the mashkof (red), which of the two gets preference?

batim makers with hechsher from the Edah

Here's the list provided by the Edah. I've put an asterick next to those that I'm not familiar with. If you're familiar with them please provide information. * אחדתא – ירושלים דוד סטאריק יצור מיוחד – ירושלים * התפילין – קרית ספר * חותם ההידור – ירושלים * נ. ראז – ירושלים סטאריק בתים מאכער יצור מיוחד – ירושלים עטרת תפילין – חיפה שיינפלד בתים – ירושלים דאסקאל תפילין – בני ברק טוטפות – שלמה נפתלי פדר – בני ברק * תפילין כהלכה – ירושלים * משה קרישבסקי – ירושלים * פריזנט – ביתר

Gidin with hechsher

Whose do you recommend? What hiddurim are included? Which hechsher?Please include contact info for maker.

on the edge of psul -ksav alter rebbe

I would greatly appreciate a psak lemaase from Rabbi Winer