Mezuzah Position

How many Mezuzahs should be on this door frame(s)? and where should they be positioned.
To describe the frame:
there are 4 glass panels
the 2 middle panels are sliding glass doors.
There are door posts separating each glass panel.
There is currently a mezuzah at point C marked in the image.
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  1. are the external frames locked in place, or do they open?

  2. If the left side is the outside, then two Mezuzot are required. One at B and one at D.

  3. Hi R Zvi. To clarify the picture was taken from the outside. Meaning the "left" dark room with the couch in it is the inside of the house. The two single brown couches are outside on the patio

  4. If the picture was taken from the outside, then, two Mezuzot are needed - one at C and one at E.

  5. I would not place mezuozos on A or F since they are set panels in place and do not move.

    Regarding which side to put them on, I believe that this depends on your Minhag.
    Chabad follow the rule of inside doors for Heker tzir - the way the door opens, (within Chabad Rabbis there are some difference of opinion on defining heker tzir by a sliding door).

    Others have a custom of leading from the inside of the house via outwards. Again, there are other views in the Poskim on this Shayla.

    Maybe write, which custom you are asking for...

  6. Is there access from the public domain into the yard (in which case the mezuzahs goe on right side entering the home) or is it totally enclosed and only accessed from the house (in which case, the mezuzahs go on the right leading into the yard)?

    If there are posts on what is determined to be the right side of each of the 2 doors then a mezuzah is placed on both.

  7. Hi. Yes there is access from the street.
    The owner of the home is Ashkenazi too.

    The immediate right door post to the door of the the right (E on the picture) is on the inside of the house. There would be no where to place it on E on the outside going into the house.

    Additionally if my memory serves correct there is an opinion that in this type of case where there is a fixed glass panel then you ignore it and the mezuzah would go on the complete right hand side (F in the picture). Or would the only be where there is no door post at E?

  8. A mezuzah can be placed on the post (E), on the inside of the door, if there's no post on the outside of the door. This would be strange as from the outside one would see the mezuzah on the left door but not on the right door.

  9. I have now had the opportunity to go to the house to have a closer inspection.
    I would like to argue that the mezuzah should go on F. I will post a picture (in a new post). My basic reasoning is that there is a door frame on the outside of this door frame structure.
    So in essence when looking from the outside of the house in:
    - there is an "outer door frame", extending across the 2 right glass panels (D to F)
    - then a sliding fly screen
    - then an "inner door frame" (D to E)
    - then a sliding glass door.

    Again I will repost in a new post.


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