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What is better?

I have a customer with a shel yad (Rabeinu Tam) approx age 40 years, which has cracking on the end where the parsha begins being rolled. The ink is weak along a cluster of creases which exist at the far left edge of the parshiyos (in this case shema parsha). It's unlikely that even if I go over it, that it will be strong long term and will likely continue to crack. The Rosh parshiyos and the first three of the yad parshiyos seem solid and I'm not worried about them.

Do I:

1) Fix as best as possible even though it will likely continue to deteriorate as the ink is quite brittle in that section?

2) Replace the last 2 parshiyos (I have some newer ones of similar level from a sofer that had a psul in the first parsha. So it won't cost the customer anything and therefore expense is not a factor in this decision). Although I am confident this option will last longer, the disadvantage is that the yad will now consist of two pieces (glued together).

Which option is preferred?

My gu…