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Do you have an email for Rabbi Yehuda Clapman?

Or for a sofer who was very close to Rabbi Eliezer Zirkind

very questonable tefillin

Dear sofrim, a gezunten zummer,

recently I was asked by friends who are looking for tefillin  to check out a Judaica store here in Israel that has an advertisement for tefillin for $144.

On their website I've already read the following:

"Sorry - we will not be able to accept for return or refund:

Mezuzahs, Tallitot or Tefillin that have been used - even for one time"

meaning, that if you find out that the tefillin is possul, you can't get your  money back.

I read about the manager on their website that he is a graduate of very prestigious yeshivos, as well "expert Torah scribe, inspector and proofreader of religious STaM parchments."

I was very suspicious, but I did my shlichut. I've called the store. I've talked to the manager, and asked him about the parshios inside. I've asked if I can see photos of the ksav. I was told that he is unable to send my photos, because they get the parshios from different sources and he cannot know where exactly the ones…