Mezuzah Position part 2

As per my previous post, this door frame is structured as follows (picture taking standing on the outside of the house looking in, by the left door post):
 - an outer door frame
 - then a sliding fly screen on the outside of the house
 - then an "inner door frame"
 - then a sliding glass door on the inside of the house.

In the previous post, several suggested the mezuzah should go on the inner door post, which as now confirmed is between the fly screen and glass door.

I would like to argue that the mezuzah should go on the far right outer door frame, as this is the most outer door frame.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Is the inner frame that looks like it's behind the sliding screen door a sliding door (I don't see the sliding inner glass door) or is it a fixed window frame?

  2. It is a fixed window frame.
    If you look at the top of the picture you will see the outer flyscreen is on a rail then a fixed door post (separating the opening and the fixed glass panel to its right) then the glass sliding door on the inside on a rail too. The picture was taken with both the fly screen and glass sliding door fully open. Hope that makes sense.

  3. The mezuzah should be placed vertically on the fixed post (E).

  4. If fixed, as I had understood originally, I'd still think this 2nd mezuzah goes on that fixed post even though it's on the inner side of the door. Again, it will be a bit strange with one mezuzah visible from the outside and this one not.

    I assume Tzvi says vertically, rather than angled, as it's obviously not an option on this narrow frame.


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