Rapidograph and air bubbles

I've been at this for many years and have been satisfied with Rotring. (I tried multiple brands and this is the best.) However, recently I'm having far more than normal trouble with air bubbles that is forcing ink out and making it very difficult to work. I switched to a new head and still have the problem. I cleaned the other head and tried it again and nothing has changed. I even switched to a new cartridge. I open and pop the air bubbles and put take the head on and off a few times to release the air. Ink is still often coming out the tip. I'm using Dio Lanetzach (I don't want to use over the counter ink and I had been using Hadar 17 but it was very difficult to work with.) Could the ink be the issue? The bottle is a few years old and maybe something to the remaining ink in the bottle?


  1. try כתר האות
    its tanic acid gumarabic ink

  2. In cold weather air bubbles can cause problems. The pen is cold and the air in the bubbles is cold. When you take it in your hand, the pen and the bubbles warm up. The air in the bubbles expands when it warms up and pushes out the ink. The solution is to keep the pen with the tip up while it warms up in your hand. The air will expand and come out the top. Then, after it warmed up in your hand, you turn it with the tip down.

    A few sofrim told me about this issue, I gave them this advice, and it solved their problem.

  3. You suggestion may be somewhat helpful. Is it possible the amount of ink in the cartridge is also a factor?

    1. I think that the amount of air in the cartridge is the main factor.


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