Mem with straight gag

A friend showed me this mezuzah and said he was advised by a credible magiah that this mezuzah was pasul. I saw these pencil markings on it. I noted the mem of matar has the gag touching "too much" but mishnat hasofer says bediavad (even if the gag is a complete straight line) this can be fixed in a tefillin and mezuzah. Does anyone know of any source which would hold this mem is pasul?


  1. Rav Elyashiv holds a mem with no pgima is pasul (irreparable). Rav Vozner was machshir bedieved (and should be fixed). For a magia to say it's pasul is not okay. If he said that he feels that according to Rav Elyashiv it's pasul is another story but that decision should be made by a posek mumcheh. There is a very slight pegima here.

    The posek should be asked if it's kosher and if the owner is concerned about the level of kashrus he should clarify that as well.

    Regarding the other pencil markings, one marks a place where there was a tikun, of a negia or karov lenegia and I see no reason for concern. The reason for the other markings by Yuds are unclear to me.


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