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Downtown Melbourne's First Torah

ספר בנין א"ב?

Is anyone familiar with this sefer? I've seen it quoted in Mishmeres Stam and Kesiva Tama.

Fixing a Mashuach sefer Torah

Above are some photographs of a sefer Torah I have been called in to repair from time to time.  It as a sefer written on klaf mashuach, coated parchment. Over the past few years I have noticed fresh problems and cracking, occurring more frequently, to the point that there are currently several amudim that look like the pictures above. I have never previously agreed to undertake a comprehensive repair a mashuach torah scroll, because that nature of it is very difficult to work with (ink runs off the coating) and because of the coating, there is no guarantee how quickly letters will continue to crack. Once it starts, it doesn't stop, and it would be very difficult to guarantee continued Kashrus. I have recommended to the owners that it is beyond my scope and capabilities to work with such a sefer.  Furthermore, all of my usual  repairers that I outsource to in Israel, won't touch klaf moshuach seforim. Does anyone know of a reliable repairer of klaf mashuach? Perhaps someo

Lanai Table Instructions

Does anyone have instructions for how to put together the Lanai Table? I just put it together, and I want to make sure that I have it right.

New book on the laws of Sefer Torah

B"H   With gratitude to Hashem I am happy to inform you of the release of my newest book, Sefer Torah: Divine Protection and Unity.  Several years of work have gone into this project and I am pleased to share that it is the most thorough book in English of its kind. The book is designed to be user-friendly while also providing extensive research and sources. It is a great reference for Ashkenazic, Sefaridic and Chabad practice.  A special thanks to Rav Moshe Weiner and the other Rabbonim for the careful review of this entire sefer and extensive notes.  Just in time for Shavuos! The sefer is available on Amazon . קבלת התורה בשמחה ובפנימיות Rabbi Dovid Nissan Bressman

The OK's Hechsher on STa"M....Will it work?

In today’s day and age, virtually every kosher product available to the consumer comes with a hechsher. By hechsher, I mean an official and recognised rabbinical body or agency that certifies the kashrus of a product, be it a food item or a religious article. Hechsherim play a vital role in providing consumer confidence, and something branded by a reputable kashrus agency will be considered more legitimate than a similar product that does not. The agency has rigid policies and protocols in place to ensure correct standards are met, and they are independent of the manufacturer so that there is no conflict of interest. As we have discussed on this forum previously, there is a distinct lack of official hechsherim on Sta”m products - Tefillin, Mezuzos and Sifrei Torah. Even the Vaad Mishmeres Sta”m, the oldest and most well- known rabbinic agency in the Sta”m world does not certify products. They test and ordain sofrim and magihim (examiners), offer a computer checking service (sp

יו"ד דומה לרי"ש קטנה

היו"ד דומה לרי"ש קטנה, דינה כדין יו"ד הדומה ללמ"ד קטנה - שאלת תינוק