Suspicious Mechika

It may be a bit hard to see, but there is a mechika on the second line of Vehoyah. starts after the Lamed of LeAhavah and goes to the end of the line. How and why would this be done without a mechikas HaShem or shelo kisidran? (the daled and vav at the end of the line are not touching)


  1. Could be that he wrote something else entirely by accident - that did not have shaimos - then realised when he got to the next line and erased the words he wrote in error.

    Alternatively (but unlikely) he had the shemos removed by an expert who can be kolef them halachically. While this is usually done by sefer Torah (so as not to loose the yeriya) I know it is sometimes done in Mezuzos and parshiyos...

    Again, this is unlikely, most likely it's the first scenario...


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