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Very Slanted Neck of Lamed

Thoughts on the lamed of למען?

A rare and remarkable skill....

Do not try this yourself! Only a handful of people in the world can do is not for the faint hearted (I was holding my breath watching this). Still beats rewriting the yeriya and well worth the few dollars they charge for this service...

Mezuzah Placement

When you enter home this room is on the left side.

3 questions on mezuzah: short reigh/daled; gimel; peh

I was shown this mezuzah. 3 questions: 1. How short is too short for a reish or daled? Here are 3 examples found: 2. Gimel: I have seen a gimel like this before (see image below), where both regalim seem to come from the gag, where as I understand it, it would be pasul. Here the left regel comes out of the right regel, but very close to the gag where it looks like its coming out the gag. Would this be a sheila l'tinok? 3: Peh pshuta: thoughts? As always I would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks, Daron

Alef - change?

Found this Alef in Torah reading from yesterday... Not having too much experience, and I had not seen something like this before, I along with another sofer in the minyan  decided its a change in tsurah and we took out another sefer Torah. Is this a change in tsurah? After the service, we looked closer at this Sefer and noted many letters that were pasul and many questionable ones... Here is a snapshot of some of them. Would love to hear your thoughts on the Alef and the others too...