3 questions on mezuzah: short reigh/daled; gimel; peh

I was shown this mezuzah.

3 questions:

1. How short is too short for a reish or daled? Here are 3 examples found:

2. Gimel: I have seen a gimel like this before (see image below), where both regalim seem to come from the gag, where as I understand it, it would be pasul. Here the left regel comes out of the right regel, but very close to the gag where it looks like its coming out the gag. Would this be a sheila l'tinok?

3: Peh pshuta: thoughts?

As always I would appreciate your thoughts.



  1. שיעור ירך הדלי"ת והרי"ש כמלוא אות קטנה כלומר כעובי הגג שלהם
    הגימ"ל כשרה
    הפ"א פסולה

  2. Thanks very much for the response

  3. I agree with short the roglayim and the gimmel, obviously both are kosher. (The gimmel should be fixed though).

    However why is the pay possul? According to most poskim, if you have kemoleh yud (ie thickness of kulmus) in the yerech it is kosher (meaning from the bottom of the left nekudah to the bottom of the right regel = at least shiur os ketana) which IMHO it has. To be long enough to bend like a pay kefufah is only lechatchillah, (so you could fix and make lechatchillah by adding ink).

    The only time having at least an os ketana would be possul is if the gug is as long as the regel, or longer, then we dont apply the rule of kemolei os ketana as minimum - as brought down inthe mikdash me'at. But this is not the case here....)


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