Alef - change?

Found this Alef in Torah reading from yesterday...

Not having too much experience, and I had not seen something like this before, I along with another sofer in the minyan  decided its a change in tsurah and we took out another sefer Torah.

Is this a change in tsurah?

After the service, we looked closer at this Sefer and noted many letters that were pasul and many questionable ones...

Here is a snapshot of some of them.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the Alef and the others too...


  1. Hi Doron,

    The Aleph and the lamed are definitely kosher, but the others need fixing, some more than others. (I guess you can perfect them anyway when you fix the others).

    (IMPORTANT to note: there are some who consider seperating the yud and the reish of the word lehaktir as chok tochus, since it may currently present as an Arizal tzadik pshuta. To be safe, I would destroy the tzurah altogether before fixing.)

  2. Doron -
    Good opportunity to do some sharpening and cleaning-up of some letters in need of attention in this Torah Scroll. Yashar ko'ach.

  3. Is this a candidate for the removal of Chezkas Kashrus, based on more than 3 טעויות per Amud ?

  4. Thank you R' Gutnick, R' Shmuel and R' Aharon.

    R' Aharon - that was my follow up question... there were many mistakes found in just the 3 columns we opened it onto, and therefore would mean the whole Torah would need to be checked?


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