פורום בינלאומי לנושא סת"ם

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

ספר קסת הסופר עם פסקי הרב בעל התניא

שלום to all,

I have initiated a very exciting project בעז"ה.

The ספר will include the following qualities:

1) All dissenting opinions of the שו"ע הרב.
2) Reference to all שו"ת צ"צ pertaining to סת"ם.
3) "Headers" for each לשכת הסופר.
4) Highlights of that which is נוגע למעשה in the לשכת הסופר.

The goal is to consolidate the process of חזרה of the קסת הסופר etc. for novice and veteran alike.

I am looking for support in this project.

$250 - per סימן with less than 10 סעיפים.
$500 - per סימן with more than 10 סעיפים.

All donors will be mentioned in the final product אי"ה with a הקדשה of their choice.

I am also looking for feedback from those who learn it.

For all inquiries or to be on the list to receive drafts of סימן by סימן - please email

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