Total lack of hekker ribuah in rear of titurah

Is this kosher? There is hekker ribuah underneath but no cut out on the top. (Someone just brought these back from Israel where they purchased this from a "top" sofer as a "top" pair of tefillin". Hmmm)

(It is a basic halacha that for the ribuah of the titurah there must be a "cut out" on both sides between the titurah and maabarta that creates the two back corners of the titurah and defines the ribuah of the titurah)


  1. Why not just fix it? (Although who knows what other problems these Tefillin have)

  2. It must and can easily be fixed but I agree with Yankev that if this was overlooked by the painter and one doing the assembly (likely 2 different people then this puts the batim and assembly into some doubt. I can understand how the merabea forgot to do it.

    A top pair of tefillin would be mechuvanim.


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