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Handy Chart for small and large letters as well as dots in Sefer Torah


Rav A. Z. Vozner in Monsey

Does anyone go to Rav Vozner in Monsey with any regularity? I've emailed the gabai multiple times over the past 3 months and other than one reply some weeks ago that he'd be on top of it, I've not heard back. I have a significant number of general STaM shailahs to clarify the daas of the Shevet Halevi after going through his teshuvos and other mekoros and was hoping to have them answered a few at a time but am not getting anywhere. If you see him with some regularity and are willing to ask and record his answers I'd greatly appreciate it.

Silk Screen Printing of סת"ם: Video Of How It Is Done...


כ"ף פשוטה - גגה עבה מדי

 לדעתי הכ"ף הזו פסולה, כי היא כמין וי"ו או רי"ש, ואינה ארוכה כשיעור כ"ף והרי זה דומה למה שפסלו הפוסקים כ"ף שהאריך גגה כשיעור אורך רגלה, שנעשית מין רי"ש ופסולה, ולא מהני מה שיורדת מהשיטה להוכיח שהיא כ"ף ראה גם

Reed Pen

I noticed the question was asked previously but not answered: Does anyone know where to find a reed kulmus in Yerushalayim or how to make one?