Silk Screen Printing of סת"ם: Video Of How It Is Done...


  1. How can a person who looks religious defraud the public?

    1. I'm not sure if it is fraud since he is very open about his methods. He believes it is kosher. He tells people. I can't imagine he has too many takers for his megillos and sifrei Torah. Maybe for a ketores?

      Much worse are the many people doing this and many other fraudulent activities and disseminating them into the mass market by selling them to wholesalers and retailers but pretend they are written like regular Sta"m.

    2. Please be aware that this method is approved of, and advocated by, HaRav Yitzchak Abadi of Lakewood. He has a detailed Teshuvah on it in his Ohr Yitzchak, Volume 1, Yoreh Deah 53.

    3. Yitzchak Abadi is famous for cooperating with this kind of crooks. Everyone prohibits printed STAM and nobody approves of it.

  2. מזדעזע!!

    I wrote the following about silk screen "Torahs" in my book, Sefer Torah: Divine Protection and Unity

    Printed and Silk Screened Torahs

    "A Torah that was printed is invalid since it is not considered as a writing and the mitzvah is to write a Sefer Torah (like by all STa”M). Similarly, a Torah written using a silk screening process is invalid just like a printed Torah since a sofer did not write it by hand. A Sefer Torah written by a robot is similarly invalid."

    For sources see:

    Bnei Yonah (Yoreh Deah 271:6).See also Da’as Kedoshim (Yoreh Deah 271:9), Mikdash Me’at (271:45).


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