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קסת הסופר עם פסקי אדמו"ר הזקן סימן א - Revised

Thank you to all of the users who have used this and reached out to me with input! I present here a revised edition based on the user feedback. Thank you to R' Eli Gutnik for making this possible. Click here for סימן א + שאלות 4 key features are: 1) A כותרת (header) for each לשכה. 2) All הלכה למעשה in the לשכה is in BOLD . 3) All dissenting opinions of the אלטער רבי are inserted. They are highlighted. 4) Comprehensive שאלות לחזרה. Please support this project by: 1) Sponsoring a סימן for $750 2) A Sponsorship of any amount 3) Using it and offering feedback. Sincerely, YY (Fitz) Rabin