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Careful who you ask

I returned this parsha to the sofer. It was pretty clear to me that it was pasul, thanks to the metayeg (which is a topic unto itself). Supposedly he asked a local mot'z with expertise in stam and was told it was kosher and lechumra he should ask a tinok. I was quite taken aback. I send the shaila to Rav Mualem and showed it to another posek, a talmid of Rav Friedlander like myself and in no uncertain terms they agreed it was pasul. Had this posek said a tinok could be asked for a bedieved, that's one thing but his psak was off the mark.

אפדה continued

This spot is the one that concerns me. It might be a contender for a כל שהוא as per the lashon of the SA, which is the shiur to make it a kosher Hei according to the Rosh (and Chazon Ish) A dot the size of a pinhead is not an issue and a slightly larger than pinhead is a ST according to some poskim I saw. Perhaps this spot is large enough to no longer be a ST? See Shevet Halevi 2:140. At the least, a ST needs to be asked. I do need to look at the Tzemach Tzedek inside but this morning I happened to have seen it briefly mentioned in Yeriot Shlomo. That case refers to 4 small dots inside a Dalet. Perhaps those dots were pin head or a drop larger than pinhead size, unlike this case in which it's a little larger?

Nun Pshuta or Zayin?

I sent this to an accessible posek,not associated to Rav Friedlander/Rav Elyashiv (or Rav Vozner), for his opinion. He said it was kosher. I then pointed out that the leg  measured 2x the height of the head, measured from sirtut and not including any of the ink that spread between the tagin. He replied, "It's a Nun". Being uncomfortable with his opinion since it's has the correct proportions of a Zayin, I showed it to another talmid of Rav Friedlander, who, unlike myself, publicly answers shailahs, and he said, "The opposite. We pasken like the Avnei Nezer (Siman 11)". Also see Mishnas Hasofer 6:2, Shaar Tzion 2 and 3. The other posek refused to discuss it further via electronic means and I'm unable to discuss it with him in person. Anyone have a suggestion why he'd machshir it without question?
Can I have the opinion of the ציבור החשוב on this דל"ת of the word אפדה?...
Does anyone remember seeing anywhere mentioned, that the words "Ve'chara Af" should preferably be written on one line in Tefillin? I remember a long time ago seeing something mentioned in a Sefer to that effect, but cannot remember where. We're not talking strictly Halachakly speaking, but some sort of Inyan besides. If anyone encountered something like that in any Sefer, I would greatly appreciate if they would enlighten me. Thank You.

The Tefilin of Habakuk Hanavi

ב׳׳ה We are supposed to post once a month to keep our our privilege to edit this blog. Here is more of a proper post with a dvar Torah. Perhaps something that other's may not have come across yet in their Torah studies. For those involved in עניני S"tam, Torah study in general gains a different prism through which we examine various sources. It is always through lens of this עסק, in the back of ones mind. You notice things you would have otherwise simply skimmed over. Here is an example of the thoughts that pasted through as I came across this past שבת in  זהר בשלח מה׳ א׳. The Tefila of Habakuk is described as the concept of the Tefila, in the singular, of the Hand Tefilin, תפילה של יד. This unusual statement seems mentioned almost in passing, as a different explanations is then given at length, and this idea is not elaborated further inside. However, some מפרשים do discuss it a bit. The context is within a discussion of an aggada brought here about Habakuk Hanav

Shiurim resources

ב״ה Going through the older posts I found this great shiur from Harav Weiner שי׳ Would the Rav be willing to record more like this? It would be great to have more shiurim of this clarity and caliber. In general, what resources for in depth video or audio shiurim in ספרות would be recommended? I’m aware there are some shiurim on קול הלשון an those of Harav Moalem and R’ Adam but would be grateful for recommendations.

Shailah of the week (at least for me)

The vov above. There are poskim who passel the vov above and say it's a shinuy tzura (pey pshutah). Five questions - feel free to answer in comments: 1) kosher as is (but fix a bit by adding ink)? 2) possul? 3) shailos tinok? 4) lf shailos tinok, do you cover the other letters? 5) If possul (or tinok reads incorrectly), can I repair? I should think yes, because its the last "shem" of the tefillin, I could scratch back to that vov and re-write the last 7 and a half words (parts of letters at least). I would not think it would be mechikas Hashem to erase.. if its a pey....)

What a Sofer was able to see when checking Tefllin


Sikra al gaby Deyo

This is marker that a kid wrote. Can I just remove it like Zahav? Or is "Sikra" worse because you write with it? 
is the nun of נפשך kosher? It looks more like the number 3 than a regular נון שבורה

נון שבורה


קסת הסופר עם פסקי הרב בעל התניא והרב צ"צ NEW SIMAN

Special Thanks for Funding סימן ו to: Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Leizerson, Lakewood NJ Rabbi Yitzchok Raskin of Machon STaM, Brooklyn NY Rabbi Shmuli Ceitlin, Postville IA Click here for סימן א + שאלות Click here for סימן ו + שאלות  4 key features of this project include: 1) A כותרת (header) for each לשכת הסופר. 2) All הלכה למעשה in the לשכה is in  BOLD . 3) All dissenting opinions of the אלטער רבי are inserted. They are highlighted. 4) Comprehensive שאלות לחזרה. Please support this project by: 1) Sponsoring a סימן for $750 2) A Sponsorship of any amount 3) Using it and offering feedback. Sincerely, YY (Fitz) Rabin

mezuzah opposite bathroom

The door to the right exits the house onto a back courtyard. Assuming one would normally put the mezuzah on the right going out into a courtyard (flow of house etc), in this case there is no place on the door post as it is flush with the door. The mezuzah as can be seen has been placed on the inside right of the door post going out into the courtyard. is this better than putting on the actual doorpost on the outside of the door on the right coming into the house instead (as mentioned assuming one would normally put on right going out)? Secondly, there is a bathroom right next to this door, as can be seen. It is a transparent mezuzah case. Should the mezuzah therefore be placed on the outside of the door on the right coming into the house? Or is it fine here? Should the case be changed so the klaf isn't "visible to the bathroom"? Many thanks

The recording of tonights Yeshivas STaM Shiur is available here! Thank you to all who attended.

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Mezuzah Fraud .

A letter to all students of StaM

Dear תלמידים , ה' עליכם יחיו . I am writing this letter in response to those of you who reached out to me asking me to provide guidance and leadership at this time: I open with a heartfelt תפלה to our father in heaven: וה' יצילני מטעות הכתיבה ומטעות הכוונה . This is the closing statement of a sacred תפלה that we are enjoined to ask of Hashem before commencing our עבודת הקודש . ( עי' שערי תשובה סימן ל"ב ס"ק ג' הובא ג"כ בלשכה"ס סי' ד' ס"ק א' ). We know, perhaps more than anyone, that in order to execute our work in integrity, let alone live a life that is consistent with the sanctity of our work, we are in great need of .סיעתא דשמיא  This תפלה , as well as וידוי and אנא בכח , constantly remind us of that, deepening our humility and intensifying our reliance on ה' . May G-d almighty save me from erring in my writing and in my intentions. I will present here three distinct points. Each one is independentl