Does anyone remember seeing anywhere mentioned, that the words "Ve'chara Af" should preferably be written on one line in Tefillin? I remember a long time ago seeing something mentioned in a Sefer to that effect, but cannot remember where. We're not talking strictly Halachakly speaking, but some sort of Inyan besides. If anyone encountered something like that in any Sefer, I would greatly appreciate if they would enlighten me. Thank You.


  1. Why would in Tefillin be different then in a Sefer Torah?

  2. Since וחרה אף together with other spellings in a Sefer Torah is discussed in multiple ספרים, like:
    משנת אברהם סימן לד, יד-טו
    מאיר עיני סופרים סימן יד, ה
    גידולי בקדש כלל יז, פרשת עקב

  3. Thank you very much! Could be there is a difference between Sefer Torah & Tefillin, but at least I now see something mentioned to that effect... Similarly - in a Mezuzah, the last 2 word "Al Ha'aretz" should be written seperately on the last line, but I don't think in Parshas Eikev in the Sofer Torah, there is a Kepeida over there as well...

  4. Does any known posek say to be makpid by tefillin too? How does the oilam pasken by tefillin halacha lemayse? Would one mention to a customer? Is it cause to change parshiyos?

    1. I see that the Mishnas Avraham is against making a big deal out of this, even by Sefer Torah, and is against erasing & fixing such a case, which he holds is hardly an issue worth mentioning. Interesting to see his Lashon inside... Thanks again Rabbi Levin for the Mareh Makom. It is in Mishnas Avraham Siman 34, Seif 14.

    2. If there is a difference between Sefer Torah & Tefillin, see שו״ת ספר שביתת יום טוב חלק יורה דעה, סימן ט-י

    3. Thank you very much!!! He indeed ends by saying that although the Tefillin is undoubtedly Kosher when the words are divided in 2 lines, but there is a Hiddur to keep them on one line if possible. All Sofrim I spoke to could not recall ever hearing of this issue!...


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