mezuzah opposite bathroom

The door to the right exits the house onto a back courtyard. Assuming one would normally put the mezuzah on the right going out into a courtyard (flow of house etc), in this case there is no place on the door post as it is flush with the door. The mezuzah as can be seen has been placed on the inside right of the door post going out into the courtyard. is this better than putting on the actual doorpost on the outside of the door on the right coming into the house instead (as mentioned assuming one would normally put on right going out)?

Secondly, there is a bathroom right next to this door, as can be seen. It is a transparent mezuzah case. Should the mezuzah therefore be placed on the outside of the door on the right coming into the house? Or is it fine here? Should the case be changed so the klaf isn't "visible to the bathroom"?
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  1. In regard to the second question - the mezuza must be covered in a way that the kelaf cannot see the bathroom any way.
    The bathroom - is not a consideration here, in reagrd to the "makom kviya" of the mezuza.

  2. Can one access the courtyard from the outside of the house? If so, this backdoor is to be considered as a back entrance into the house... and the mezuzah placed outside on the right as one is coming into the house.

    If the courtyard is completely sealed, and cannot be accessed from the street, then, the mezuzah is placed in the correct place.

  3. It can be accessed from round the back through a side gate and path. But it's definitely not the flow of the house.

    1. When the courtyard has an entrance from the public domain, even if it's not the flow of the house, the mezuzah ought to be placed on the right side of the back door as one comes into the house.


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