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Going through the older posts I found this great shiur from Harav Weiner שי׳

Would the Rav be willing to record more like this? It would be great to have more shiurim of this clarity and caliber.

In general, what resources for in depth video or audio shiurim in ספרות would be recommended?

I’m aware there are some shiurim on קול הלשון an those of Harav Moalem and R’ Adam but would be grateful for recommendations.


  1. It was a one off, organized lezecher nishmas a member of this forum who passed away...

    Rav meulams videos are excellent. I find him very to the point and he usually gives tge common Ashkenazi psak even though he is sfardi..

  2. Excellent! Enjoyed revisiting the shiur. Thank you for reposting.


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