Chabad Megilla Textual Variants


Someone posted this page with textual variants for Chabad Megillas, however, it appears that not all Chabad Sofrim follow the same minhag with regards to them (especially the four marked with arrows?). Also, concerning the sons of haman being aligned, I've seen differences.

If someone could kindly explain where this differences come from and what "most" of the Chabad sofrim do or what they hold, it would be a great help in deciding what to do with my own meggila.


  1. Just a heara: I believe that Rav Dovid Yitzchaki shlit"a from Bnei Brak, author of Ashreinu and Neviei Haemes Vehatzedek, a world expert on Ben Asher, is of the opinion that the more accurate spelling of Aridai based on the Keter is choseir.


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