Is the Dalet of the word "Yadcha" still valid - or is it more like a wide Zayin?...


  1. It still is more to the left side by a small amount.Ask a tinok.

  2. it's likely a tinok but ask a moreh horaah first.

  3. Why ask a moreh horaah? What better example of a shaylas tinok could there be??

    1. because it may be possel straight up i.e. not geder shailos tinok. Sometimes you need a posek to establish the geder prior to asking a tinok...because if its mamash possul a tinok doesn't help, although in this case I'd be inclined to say it could just squeeze in as a shailos tinok...

  4. For most sofrim and some magiim, most often, not just sometimes, a posek should be consulted to determine a shailas tinok. A slight variation can make the difference of kosher or pasul and we don't want to ask a tinok when it's not called for.
    Rav Friedlander told me b'shem Rav Elyashiv that it's proper to as a chacham to determine if a shailas tinok is called for.


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