is there a limit to how tall a Vav or Zayin can be?

Some of the Vavs, while the same length as the other standard letters, are almost hard to accept as Vavs. Is there any point where we'd draw the line? It's not as if the sofer had no choice. He could have made the letters end at the halfway point between the sirtut rather than fill most of the space. (This also caused him to make a shortish neck on a Lamed and create a shaila on one of the Dalets.


  1. The ש and the ז are way too small.

  2. I did not notice the small Tav of פּרשנדתא until I magnified the image.
    Also, why did the sofer make עשרת smaller then the names of the ten sons?

  3. since אין שיעור לעובי האותיות the relative size to other letters shows they are vavim.
    the עשרת not being the same size of the other words is a bigger issue, though!

  4. The bigger issue is the Dalet is Aridasa. The small letters and small Aseres and tall Vavs are kosher.
    The point isn't אין שיעור לעובי האותיות but rather that even though in their own right it's an issue and we do normally judge letters in their own right as per a number of sources, when the letter is part of a tall word or ksav of a tall amud, mezuzah or parsha and in comparison to the surrounding letters it's clearly looks like the correct letter then it's kosher.

  5. The bigger issue is the Reish is Arisai. The small letters and small Aseres and tall Vavs and narrow Daled are kosher.

    since a long Reish, is a Ende Chof Hafucho - see משנת אברהם סימן י"א סעיף י"ג

    א פרייליכען פורים

  6. The reish is kosher. The Dalet is a shailas chacham.

  7. Rav Elyashiv was not gores this Mishnas Avraham. I'm also not aware of other poskim taking it into consideration.

    Re the Dalet, one expert Moreh Horaah said he can't be maikel on the Dalet as is.

  8. The Daled is Kosher.

    But perhaps the Reish is "Kosher lechatchila but not mehudar"?

  9. let's leave the psak to the poskim. The Dalet is a Shailas chacham.

    At least acc to Rav Elyashiv, the Reish does not lack hiddur b/c of the Mishnas Avraham. Stretched letters may lack hiddur b/c of the fact they're stretched. (In megillah, where they need to be stretched in Aseres to make the lines finish evenly it would seem that it's not considered a lack of hiddur when stretching appropriate letters.

  10. So:

    פרשנדתא his ת is way too small
    דלפון the ו too long
    פורתא also long ו
    אדליא head of ל is short
    ארידתא the ד is too narrow
    פרמשתא the ש is too small
    אריסי stretched ר
    ארדי might have a extra י
    ויזתא long ו AND small ז!

    אספתא is the only one left out? :(


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