knife in shul

What is the Din re: bringing in a knife/blade into the Beis Midrash / Shul in order to fix a Sefer Torah (or even as a Sofrus "show and tell" to students)?


  1. Used לצורך מצוה especially לצורך רבים.

    I don't see any problem with this.

  2. The Gemara in שבת discusses being מצניע לצורך מילה בשבת. What is the הוה אמינה that you shouldn’t bring it into shul? Is there a makor?

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    2. Balak 25:7

      The Gemara (Sanhedrin 82a) cites the verse regarding Pinchas’ courageous act and explains that it serves as a source to prohibit entering into a bais medrash while carrying a weapon.

      The Yad Rama explains that the Gemara understood the aforementioned verse to be stating the following, “he arose” from the bais medrash and only then “took a spear”. As long as he was in the bais medrash he did not have any weapon readily available."

      There is wide discussion on this including the notion that a knife cuts a life short while a Beis kneses/Beis midrash extends life.

      As I understand it, the shulchan aruch only prohibits a large knife. So a blade to fix a Torah wouldn't seem to be an issue.

      I understand re fixing a Seder Torah to be permitted. But what about simply for giving over a shiur with a "show and tell" aspect?

  3. I assumed the problem was bringing in a weapon, not any knife per se. A gun, fr example would certainly problematic, but I cannot imagine that a person with a heter to eat in a shul/beis medrash, for example if there was was an explicit or implicit tnai to use the shul for other purposes, would not be allowed to bring in a knife to cut the challa for shalosh seudos, cake for a siyyum, etc. If so, the same would apply here (unless you make mechikos with a sword ;) ).


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