Ksav for someone who davens Nussach Sefard

People who daven Nussach Sefard, do they לכתחילה use Ksav Ari or Ksav Beis Yosef? Or is either completely acceptable by first choice?


  1. This is a case by case issue dependent on various factors and each person must consult his posek to find out what's his lechatchila choice of ksav.

  2. Many people only have residual Chassidish customs, such as davening Sfard or more common, just wrapping Sfard but otherwise have no association to chassidus, daven in Ashkenaz shuls, raise their kids litvish/send to litvish schools and find themselves needing to decide whether their kids will also get Ari parshios or even wrap Sfard. At least in the US, this is a relatively common scenario outside of the few communities that have a significant concentration of Nusach Sfard shuls.

  3. "and find themselves needing to decide whether their kids will also get Ari parshios or even wrap Sfard"

    I fail to understand why kids should have different minhogim to their fathers. Whenever in this dilema I always get the psak to follow the minhag of the father. I don't see why the need to change a family minhag that has been in practice for generations just because a kid is going to a litvish school or daavens in an ashkenazi shul.

  4. Ask a rav. I do know this is a consideration. What about a boy from a regular family who becomes Chabad or vice versa? You can image the discomfort they'll experience when everyone around them is wearing 4x4 batim, wrapping out without a full Shin on the hand and davening from a Nusach Ari siddur and they have normal size tefillin with BY Shins, wrap the opposite direction/full Shin (and the opposite direction of Sfard) and daven from an Artscroll siddur and vice versa.

    Sam question for Sephardim who are משתאכנז and who took/take on new minhagim/nusach.

  5. (ממענה כ"ק אדמו"ר שליט"א)

    תלוי * בהרגש שלו. בכל אופן: הקשר דב' התפילין והנוסח דכל התפילה – צ"ל בנוסח אחיד.

    *) מענה לא' שתפילין דרש"י שלו היו כנוסח אשכנז ורצה להתחיל להניח תפילין דר"ת כנוסח חב"ד. המו"ל.

    לקוטי שיחות-הוספות, חלק ט"ל, עמוד 244


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