And now the Nun of Nafshechem... How serious would you say this is?...


  1. Isn't it the same as the previous mentioned Vov. That clear answer or opinion, cannot be given from a picture?

    If you would use it as a ג without a doubt, then it's not a נ.

    If it's definitely not a ג, then it's a Kosher נ.

    And if it's a doubt, then don't we ask a תינוק דלא חכם ולא טיפש?

  2. I recall R' Eli posted b'shem Mv"R Harav Friedlander zt"l regarding paskening based on images. Maybe he can repost it or provide the link to it? There are some morei horaah today who're regularly paskening based on images. While not ideal, when they feel then need to see the shaila in person they will say so.

    In all likelihood, when viewed in its actual size a moreh horaah will machshir. Please share with us the psak you receive and from whom.

    1. "...However he said shailos which are size sensitive such as a small blita coming out of the back of a chof which may look more like a beis when enlarged, can really only judge accurately from the real thing as it appears in real life. (Real life sized images on a computer screen always comes out less clear than the real life original and once you blow it up its already altered). Also he said nifsakim and nekavim would be virtually impossible to judge correctly from such images".

  3. Basic guidlines for this shaila:
    If its a pegima meaning that thete is no foot coming down below the rest of the moishev and it is very small as seems the case in this picture it is kosher.
    If a little foot sticks down than harav MS Klien is very machmir where Rav Friedlander and others go according to mabat rishon/first impression. If it looks like a nun its a nun


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