Can it be assumed that any off-cuts of parchment prior to it being ruled and cut to size (i.e. to write a sefer Torah etc), has been made with a tnai and can be used for "anything" as long as its not tashmish gnaiy? For example, can i use it to a make artworks? Can I practice writing on it prior to write a mezuzah etc? Can I have bar mitzvah boys (as part of a class) try writing on it?
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  1. By what I remembered hearing, most of the klafim produced nowadays are made with a tnai unless otherwise noted

    I could be wrong of course.

  2. offcuts from avodas yad, which are often w/o a tanai would be an issue. Ask your expert posek in Stam.

  3. if Shulchan Oruch can be "your expert posek", See Siman 42 Seif 6
    ...לפי שכיון שנהגו כן הרי זה כאלו התנה עליו מתחלה...

  4. As I believe there is discussion among poskim on the matter of klaf avodas yad without tanai offcuts I suggest that a living expert posek be consulted.

  5. The Living Shulchan Oruch is discussing klaf avodas yad without tanai.

    See Siman 32, Seif 11

  6. Again,

    consult a moreh horaah for practical halachah.

  7. As per Naparstak the eida hachareidis who gives hechsher on his klaf allows nisayon hakulmus.

  8. and what about do wrap around parshios or chulin use?


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