Question on the Protrusion of the Beis

(Of course, I am not trying to put down this Sofer Stam in any way)
I want to know if the Beis's protrusion is good because many of them have very small ones...
Also, how long should the protrusion be in order to be kosher?


  1. Dear Michael,

    To answer your first question first: the protrusion on all of these beis are perfect.

    To answer your second question: According to the letter of the law, a beis does not require that it's bottom protrude entirely beyond the shaft that connects the top and bottom. What is required minimally is that the top right corner be square, and the bottom corner be a sharp pointy square - usually accomplished by a a small protrusion of the corner.

    For the entire bottom to jut out to the right of the shaft, is technically not a minimal Halachik requirement. It is kabbalistic. This is so that the bottom of the beis looks like a "vov" lying on its back - face up.

    Even according to this kabbala - and it is how a beis is written and has been for milenia - the smallest protrusion is sufficient.

    The expression in Halacha is "eikev" heel. Think about it: how much does your heel protrude behind the leg? Really not much. The point is that the back of your heel is not flush with the back of your leg...

    This protrusion is perfect.

    1. Thank you very much, did a review of the tzurah haotiot just to make sure I do not miss anything else like this.


  2. looks printed. Or silk-screened.

    1. If you look carefully, not all the letter are EXACTLY the same, if it was חס ושלום printed or silkscreen it would be exactly the same.

  3. Wonderful, wonderful ktav. and there is no minimum "size" to עקב טוב


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