Siyum Sefer Torah

My Yeshiva had dedicated a new Sefer Torah in memory of Rabbi Sam Menlo (Of Blessed Memory) a major founder of the yeshiva.

One of my Rabbeim asked if I wanted to fill in a letter for the event and I asked my friend there to take a video of me filling in the letter. 

I was so nervous I accidentally said "Kosev" instead of "Kotev" (Although does not make a difference after the fact) 


  1. Sorry if you were not able to see the video at first, I fixed the problem

  2. Looks good. Interesting that hes finishing without the eitz chayim attached. Does everyone wait for itvto be sewn before starting the parade?

    1. See 10:37 in the following link

    2. Interesting...

      Could it be that today it is relatively standard practice for people sew on the atzei chayim before finishing the last letters because the sefer is considered halachically complete even with unfilled osiyos challolos?

    3. Could it be that today it is relatively standard practice, that the one actually making the Siyum doesn't know how to sew it? 馃槈


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