Sofer Supplies in the USA

Anyone knows any suppliers in the USA?
I know of a store called Mercaz Hasoferim that had a website, but their website is down for a while now.
I also know of Beis HaStam in Borough Park (Rabbi Traube who is on the forum) but I am unsure if they allow orders over the phone or online

Michael Arashebn


  1. I usually use Merkaz Hasofrim and have been very happy with them. It is run by R' Shimon Zaida and is located in Williamsburg at 161 Taylor St.

  2. I too have used Merkaz Hasofrim before to ship to Australia. They have been very good. The website doesn’t seem to jen down for me. Try this link:

    1. Hmm I tried that link and I still have problems accessing the website, might call R' Zaide and inform him about it.


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