viewing as filled with ink

I explained the view of the mikdash maat that this gimel is posel רואין אותו כאילו נתמלאה דיו
All know the magen avraham that this aleph is kosher(either with or without scratching)
Rabbi Lindner posted the shaila on vav. We need to understand the difference of these two halachos to be able to rule on the vav.


  1. On the surface it would seem the difference is as follows:

    In the Yu"d of the Ale"f - there is supposed to be a kotz. At the very least, we recognize that place (the bottom left corner of a Yud) as a place where a kotz is appropriate.

    When it touches the Gag of the Alef, therefore, we view it as the Kotz which extended too long...

    However, in the other two cases depicted: there is no justification for a "kotz" in those places... therefore we view it as the outline of the actual letter i.e. as if its filled in...

  2. The case of the alef is brought down in the Magen Avrhom.


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