What is your opinions on this Vav of Ve'ahavta? Is this a Sha'ala of possibly looking like a Zayin?...


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  2. Perhaps we can apply the מקדש מעט אות ג סק יב that if a thin line connects both feet of gimel it is looked at as it is full of ink
    ומה שיש שם באמצע מעט לבנינות בלי דיו אינו מוציא מתורת נ
    however in our case we will be using this logic to be lenient


  3. Isn't this a classic example, of a question that's impossible to answer, or give an opinion on, from just looking at the Picture. without seeing the original?

    1. Hi R Yisroel. Can you explain why this is the case that’s it’s impossible to give an answer or even opinion on?

  4. not by a long shot! you couldn't get a tinok to call that a zayin even with ice cream!


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