Where to get כתב קבלה and other questions.

1. Where do Soferim normally get כתב קבלה? 
I know of different certification organizations in New York and Israel but I am unsure exactly where they are located. 

2. What material/knowledge is tested on the test for כתב קבלה?
Already learned קסת הסופר, שלחן ערוך סימנים לב לג לו, small amounts of מקדש מעט and דעת קודשים.

2a. What other ספרים should I learn?

3. Is there any minimum age requirement?

4. Any difference between getting כתב קבלה between ספרדי כתב and כתב אשכנזי?
I know how to write either כתב, preferably ספרדי כתב.

Thank you for answering these questions. Any information will help!


  1. Generally any rav can give you ksav kabala.
    The most respected and accepted ksav kabal is from Vaad Mishmeres Stam.
    "The Vaad" gives you a written test on לב,לוand keses סימן י-יא.If you pass you meet one of the many rabonim connected to The Vaad who will further test you and issue a kabala.
    The kabala will be valid from 1 to 3 years (depending on your knowledge). The bottom part will have a paragraph to be filled out by your personal rav qho knows you as a godfearing Jew.
    Each Sofer certified by the Vaad also gets a number which you can use when you dont want to be identified by name.

  2. A rav who is expert in stam can give a ksav kabala.

    The most respected in Israel would be from Lishkas Hakodesh from Rav Menachem Yehuda Gross. It's supposed to be the most difficult.

    Most Ashkenazim get from the Mishmeres Stam while most Sephardim get from Yad Refael (Rav Mualem).

    The Edah also gives, Belz may as well. In the US I know that Rav Heineman in Baltimore gives as well.

    1. What material is one suppose to know for the Yad Refael כתב קבלה?

  3. All the above sounds great, for someone looking to get an "International Sofer easy pass".

    However if you want to do it right, then, it's best that you find a good teacher, that will teach everything you need to know, and give you instructions for your above questions too.


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