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Thoughts on the vav of ובכל

When you look at it at first glance it presents as a vav. When you look at it closely (see enlarged image) there is probably enough coming out on the top right to be kosher as a zayin. Shailos tinok, kosher or possul?
This is what I found regarding what I posted about a Zayin which might seem like Dalet Hafucha: (And by the way - Reb Yisroel - please show me the Mareh Makom regarding the issue with long Raish in Mishnas Avraham, for I cannot find it,,, Thank You,)
I just publicized this following article I wrote, explaining why even the Mezuzah "holder" should not be neglected... " ופסח ה' על הפתח ולא יתן המשחית לבוא אל בתיכם לנגוף " What you should know about The Spanish Inquisition while Pesach-cleaning By Rabbi Shea Lindner Sofer Stam On February 20, 1997, The New York Times published the following fascinating article, under the headline: “When Household Habits Betrayed the Jews”. I will first quote the article in its entirerty: “Do you sweep dust toward the center of the room instead of straight out the door? Did you buy a new set of dishes last March? Do you suffer from such severe headaches that they prevent you from cooking on certain days of the week? And by the way, do you prefer to cook in olive oil rather than lard?” If you had lived in Spain, Portugal or their American colonies from around 1480 until the early 1800's, your domestic habits - or rumors about them from neighbors and
Would like to know everyone's opinion on this Zayin of the word Bechozek on the last line. Is this a serious Shaala of a Dalet Hafucha?...

Small Tikkun in Sefer Torah

As we were reading Parshat אחרי מות during Mincha on Shabbat I noticed that the Sefer Torah was missing some Tagim. I forgot to take a picture before the תיקון, but the new תגים  are on the words אשר על It looks like there was some erasing where אשר על is, and the sofer (Metayeg?) forgot to put the תגים afterward. A חג כשר ושמח to everyone!

Can this Negiah be separated?



Vaad Mishmeres Stam in Israel has a branch called IDTORAH. All STaM  scanned by The Vaad gets saved under a unique code system,however no names are attached to and scans.  What ID.....  does is the following: It takes the files saved in the main computer system: 1. puts them into ID database 2. saves them with all the owner info. 3. If you scan anything that has a match  in the database it will be identified with all the info stored. What you gain: A torah that is registered can allways be identified even if the eitz chaim and mantel were removed. A torah flagged as stolen and is brought in for computer check or registration will be recognized automaticaly. A thief stole a large amount of sfarim and removed the eitz chaim,when he was caught only tjose in the database were returned easily to the owners. Imagine your father /grandfather take his torah to a retirement community and at a ripe age passes away, five years later the rav changed the gabay changed and the family wants th

ע צ ש ת

Is there any Halachic different between the above letters?  Click here

גימ"ל - ירך שמאל גולם

הגימ"ל [דגנך] ירך שמאל עיקרו מחובר ישירות לקו ימין, ורק יש שפיץ [עוקץ] קטן בראשו - כלומר "ונהפוך הוא" אשר ישלוט העוקץ ויהא עיקר, והראש נהיה לזנב. היות שעיקרו הוא הגולם, לסוברים שדין ירך גימ"ל זה [שתמונתו כיו"ד הפוכה התלויה בתג לירך ימין] כיוד"י האל"ף ופ"א וכדומה, שאם הם גולמים הם פסולים - הוא הדין בגימ"ל זה ירכו גולם.


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"ומחה אל מי המרים" – "דיו שיוכל להמחק"

What exactly does that mean? What happens with the ink of the Megillas Sota? How does it get erased? Is the Megillah placed in the Water ? Does the actual ink dissolve? “L’halocho” it makes no difference, since "העיקר שאין למדין כתיבה כתיבה מפרשת סוטה" . The difference will only be, according to the first opinion in Shulchan Oruch. weather the ink needs to be washable/ dissolvable. Here is a list of some commentaries, of which we see CLEAR, and seems self-understood, as commonly explained, that yes! the Ink gets erased with water. -Pls do not rely on the quotes alone, rather look it up for yourself in the sources. 1.      רמב"ן, בראשית ז, כג "... הוסיף לאמר וימח שנמחו הגופות ויהיו למים כענין ומחה אל מי המרים (במדבר ה, כג) ..." 2.      ילקוט מעם לועז, במדבר ה, יט-כב, (בהוצאה הרגילה דף נ) "...ואח"כ נוטל אותה המגילה שנכתבו אותיות הנ"ל, ו נותנה לתוך הכלי, ושם נמחק כל מה שנכתב עליה , עד שלא נשאר בה שום סימן של אותיות...

sefer Torah registry/identification

The NY based Universal Torah Registry suspended operations as of 12/2017. I'm aware of the International Torah Registry from Machon Ot. Are there any other registries or services that offer means to identify Torahs in case of theft?

Changes to the layout

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