ע צ ש ת

Is there any Halachic different between the above letters? Click here


  1. This is the well known תשובה of the נצי"ב in שו"ת משיב דבר סי' ה. He holds that the first 3 are fine to fix the last one is not.

    1. Because the last picture is a shinuy tzurah to a ches, whereas the others are only an issue of choser eiver.

      Please note that even according to Chabad poskim(or others who rely on this t"t) there is a difference between the first picture (ayin) which is sofek kav moshuch, and the middle two pictures, which many would argue is straight out kav moshuch and cannot be fixed even acc to the t"t..

    2. I should say - "even amongst chabad poskim" (rather than even according to chabad poskim)...

    3. What is "this T"T"?

      Havent found צמח צדק discussing ANY of the above letterse.

      pls specify, Ty

    4. יורה דעה סימן ר"ה?


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