Vaad Mishmeres Stam in Israel has a branch called IDTORAH. All STaM  scanned by The Vaad gets saved under a unique code system,however no names are attached to and scans.  What ID.....  does is the following: It takes the files saved in the main computer system:
1. puts them into ID database
2. saves them with all the owner info.
3. If you scan anything that has a match  in the database it will be identified with all the info stored.
What you gain: A torah that is registered can allways be identified even if the eitz chaim and mantel were removed.
A torah flagged as stolen and is brought in for computer check or registration will be recognized automaticaly.
A thief stole a large amount of sfarim and removed the eitz chaim,when he was caught only tjose in the database were returned easily to the owners.
Imagine your father /grandfather take his torah to a retirement community and at a ripe age passes away, five years later the rav changed the gabay changed and the family wants the torah, how can they ensure they are getting the correct sefer.

In Israel they also supply appraisal and ownership certificate(which is really תעודת חזקה) that certifies you acted as owner on the day registered.
In the USA we call it ID SCROLL, with registration you get ownership docs, appraisal,detail info sheet, contract between owner and shul.

Station owners,Pricing and fees next post.


  1. Does the Mishmeres Stam have details of this program via email or print form? I couldn't find anything online.

  2. It is setup that if you have a תחנה then you can request any code to be registered.
    I would really like to see a few sofrim setting up mishmeres stam stations.
    Mishmeres Stam has grand plans like תו תקן however we need more worldwide sofrim to take part in the mishmeres stam platform.
    Rabbi Granetstien is really a down to earth guy and is always available to help. The only income Mishmeres Stam has is from computer chexk and ID.
    I urge anybody running a stam office to setup a תחנה.its free setup and you pay per use. The archiving feature is also great and you can look back easily to any stam you scanned. The way it works is again by code each batch of mezuzos or each tefilin gets a code,however on your end you can add all customer info next to code. Only code and images get transmitted to bnei braq and a few hours later you have the results. No reason to twist and turn in bed at night thinking you mistakenly pressed ignore on the tor program. And even better you can teach anybody even people with low IQ to scan,since the real stuff happens in bnei braq.

    As of this moment they have not gone online although with a bit more push they would do it. You can register or setup your sttion by contacting rabbi granetstein

    1. Can images be taken by camera and submitted?

      What are costs for checking a mezuzah? parshios? sefer Torah? registration of sefer Torah?


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