Thoughts on the vav of ובכל

When you look at it at first glance it presents as a vav.

When you look at it closely (see enlarged image) there is probably enough coming out on the top right to be kosher as a zayin.

Shailos tinok, kosher or possul?


  1. Could the same question be asked of the reish of ukshartam. If you zoom in it appears as though the regel comes out of the gag leaving a slight ekev on the right

  2. ( Looks like no left Sirtut )

  3. It looks like everyone is looking for a fifth leg to the cat. Surprise! There is none! The Vav is Kasher as is! There isn't a TINOK that would read it otherwise. If one wants to be strict, have a TINOK read it, and then improve its shape.

  4. Frankly, the first image is too small to see it clearly and the 2nd image, is too large to be able to fairly access it, besides being blurred. It seems worthy of a shailas chacham and can't be disregarded. I'd expect a moreh horaah to says that a tinok is required. With a better image, perhaps Rav Moshe can weigh in on it?

  5. from where do you take that a "Halacha thought" can be given based on an "enlarged image"?

    1. Harav Hagoan Rav Mordechai Freidlander Z"L (of VMS and the Eidah) told me personally that one can only pasken from an (enlarged) photograph if they can "in their mind's eye" extrapolate how the image would look in real life to the naked eye.

      Not many poskim can do this. You need to be extremely experienced at looking at very sensitive high res images (which show more than by 18
      X loupe.)

      Often I send a picture by email in advance and then when I show the original they may pasken differently.

      I don't know how so many people pasken these days from electronic media.

  6. A few poskim that I know who paskens many shailahs via electronic media do on occasion ask for the shailah to be resent in a closer to actual size or ask to see the actual mezuzah.


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