Is this a problem?

The stitching is loose, some of them are not in the charitz or completly touching the bayis. Yet the bayis is hermetically sealed. It seems obvious that the bayis is therefore being held closed by the glue and not the stitching.....thoughts?


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  2. This was likely sewn together first , loose, then given to a pro who clamped, glued and painted.

    There are 2 problems:

    1. The stitching is loose and limp and may be a detraction of ribuah

    2. Clearly the stitching is not the primary forveholding it closed but rather the glue...when paint and glue, of added should only be used for cosmetic gap filling, not to replace the function of the stitching....

  3. I take back what I said before, the באור הלכה says (סימן לב, סיאף נא, ד"ה יתפור וכו') that if the glue is the main thing holding the בית together then it is not good, due to the fact that it is a הלכה ממשה מסיני that the בתים should be sewed together with גידים. As mentioned by Rabbi Gutnick, clearly the main force holding this בית together is the glue and not the גידים, and therefore this בית would be problematic.

  4. Before batim are sealed with glue there's generally a slight gap along the opening. If it’s known or can be determined that the stitching was tight enough before sealing with glue thereby sufficiently holding the batim closed, meaning the width of the gap was not an issue and the upper and lower tituras were relatively firmly in place so they didn’t easily slide side to side or back and forth then as long as the batim were sewn prior to gluing and the present limp/loose tefiros are square (if the loose stitching is pushed and bounce back into place) there shouldn’t be a problem. While true that the glue is holding the bayis sealed in its present tight position but theoretically, if removed, the tefiros should still be holding the bayis appropriately shut as it was in its pre-glued state then the tefiros should not be considered as not serving their purpose.
    Since this can be difficult to determine and there’s risk that the loose tefiros will not remain in position or may get torn, the bayis need be resewn. This is besides the fact that poor quality workmanship should raise concerns about the knowledge and/or ehrlichkeit of the one who did the work/the one who provided such tefillin.

    1. The tefiros will more than likely hold if the bayis was returned to its pre glued state. They are not damaged in any way and seems obvious that whoever sewed them just didnt do a few stitches tight enough. Most are tight. So perhaps ok to push / pull the loose tefiros a little tighter without reopening the bayis?

    2. If they're presently square and bounce back into place if you push them and you're very confident that the tefiros were okay prior to gluing then you should be able to pull the tefiros into place.


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