Looking for a template for a Torah contract (not a ready to go sefer)

Does anyone have a template of a standard Torah contract?


  1. http://www.or-lasofer.com/הורדות.html

  2. DATE:_________
    Contract Of Sale

    Contract between Rabbi Shmuel Traube who is representing the scribe Rabbi _________ the seller and _________________________the purchaser.
    The purchaser has seen a sample of a Sefer Torah written by Rabbi _____________and wishes to purchase a Sefer Torah in the same handwriting.
    Agreed upon the following:
    Purchaser will buy Torah written by Rabbi ______________
    Size of parchment 18.5 inches.

    Sofer will make sure parchments are same size.
    TORA will be sewn with quality gid.
    Type of script ( )Velish/sfardi
    Scroll bars NOT INCLUDED

    In addition to regular bedikat Sofer, the Sefer Torah will be checked by computer to ensure no letters are missing.
    Computer check to be done by “Vaad Mishmeres STa”M”.
    Code from computer check and all documents needed for registration by owner will be included.
    (ID scroll discounted fee($300) is done by Mishmeres Stam and is paid with owners check.)
    The last lines will be prepared so the letters can be filled in at the siyum.
    Agreed price of Torah $__,000 includes all the above.
    Seller will make sure all yerios are at least of same quality as the sample shown, if not seller may request a yeria rewritten or cancel the sale.

    BALANCE WILL BE PAID: $_,000 at the end of each Sefer. Seller may request to see scan of recent column at any time. Final balance of__,000 to be paid when final computer report showing whole Sefer complete, is ready.

    Time of completion estimated _________________________

  3. Time of completion estimated 15 months after signing of contract
    In case Torah is not ready within 3 months of agreed time Rabbi Traube will supply a different Torah of same or better quality or return full amount plus $500.
    In case buyer makes payments more than 30 days late–completion date will be extended
    If 3 months pass and no payment is received –Torah may be sold and monies will be returned after deducting commissions and sale fees

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