Rapidograph ink bubbling up at tip

I was doing some Tagim practice with my rapidograph, and I noticed the ink bubbling up at the tip of the pen a couple minutes as I am using it.

Does anyone else have this problem at all?

I use Dyo Lanezach Ink for the rapidograph, and here is a picture of the pen.

Could it be the heat from my hand which causes the ink to flow faster and form a bubble?


  1. Yes, this happens on occasion. I believe it can happen with any pen and any ink. I don't know why it happens and haven't found a full proof way of dealing with it. I'd first try adding fresh ink to the cartridge. If that doesn't work then clean the pen. Sometimes neither help and it's time for a new pen.

    While on the topic, those of you who give out work for tiyug and try to be particular about the metayeg using sofer ink, which ink do they use and do you have issues with light tagin? I've found this to be an issue with both diyo Yochanon and diyo Lanetzach. It seems that while the tagin will come out okay when the tiyug is done at a sofer's pace, the metaygim, who're working more quickly, are finding that the tagin aren't as black as if using over the counter ink. This is particularly so if the klaf is on the rougher side.

  2. This video here might help. I had the same problem and this fixed it.

    1. Thank you for this video. I also have bubbling at tip of my Rapidograph pen. I'll try leaving a bit of space, as demonstrated in the video, to allow air flow. I'm curious to see if this remedies my situation.


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