ribua hatefiros

Someone wrote that there's no need to be machmir by ribua hatefiros, particularly Sephardim and this doesn't require any tikun and can be worn with a bracha as is. So he's claiming that there's no need for the corners to be 90 degrees/square. This is news to me. I've no doubt that Rav Friedlander would have paseled this.
Someone else suggested fixing it without opening the bayis even though it's sealed with glue. On top of the issue with correcting the ribua once sealed, if one would fix without opening it, the hole needs to be extended and the charitz widened without tearing the gid and that would leave a considerable gap between the corner tefiros. If opened, the hole can be widened then the original side filled.


  1. It turns out that the person who said that it's "pashut" these batim are kosher in total disregard to other expert's opinions is a close talmid to a well known posek whose opinions very often differ from the mainstream and are often no accepted. When he stated the above as a matter of fact I reached out to Harav Mualem. His reply was very clear:
    מי הוא זה ואיזה הוא שמחדש חידושים? זה פסול! צריך לפתוח הדבק והבית ולתקן החור ולתפור מחדש.

    1. Ribuah of tefiros is a clear DIN in MEGUILAH 24:

      No one argues on this.
      פסול לכ"ע

    2. As I wrote, someone (close to a well known but controversial posek and expert in stam) paskened on the above image that it was kosher as is and a bracha can be made. This is apparently his rav's opinion.

  2. I’ve heard that r’ zalman shimon dvorkin z”l paskend that rebuah is measured from corner to corner, if it bulges out or goes in in the middle that dose not effect the ribuah, there are tefillin meuchasim that are known to be like that!


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