Sheila nun vav

What are your thoughts? 


  1. Looks like a change tzurah to a mem even from the photo zoomed out.
    That blackish mark between the two letters also makes me think there is a change in the tzurah.
    Of course with any shinui tzurah question like this, we pasken like how the letter look in actual conditions.

  2. The Vav itself requires a shailas chacham as the rosh goes over the right side.

    With regards to the close letters (the slightly darkened area between them doesn't seem to be an issue) that there's a tzad to say they look like a single letter that is severed, is a machlokes. The vast majority are machshir and the Gedulei Hekdesh and Rav M.S. Klein require asking a tinok.

    This should be shown live to a moreh hora'ah.

    1. I agree that ir is a karov negiya not a negiya and therefore fixable.
      However i disagree that the vov is such a major provlem, i think that in normal size it would certainly be read as such.

      The sharp edge that goes over to the right on top will not look anywhere near as bad in normal size

    2. Granted from the enlarged image it's a serious issue and could be les of an issue in it's actual size but it's difficult to make assumptions of what it looks like in its actual size and hence I suggested that it be shown live for a proper psak but as it's after the fact, unless they really want to know if they did the right thing, they should fix it (and not use it again until then).

  3. Thanks very much. What would have been the appropriate thing to do. Found after the Aliyah. But there was no Moreh hora’ah.
    All the rebeim and I felt it wasn’t a shinui tzurah (didn’t even notice the sheila on the vav, as we were distracted by the negiah). Should we have taken out a new sefer Torah or continued in this one?

  4. It's a serious shaila. I'll let a moreh horaah decide if the sefer should have been put back. It must be fixed by adding ink but first take a tad off the bottom left corner of the head of the Nun so you have a bit more room.


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