Unknown machlokes mekubalim in tzuras ה׳


The minhag from the arizal is to write a yud in the first letter ה׳ of שם הוי׳ and a vov in the second letter ה׳.

However, concerning the last ה׳ of the שם, according to earlier mekubalim, it would seem that there was a letter yud that was stressed within it.

In the perush Dan Yadin of R' Shimshon of Astropoli ז׳׳ל on sefer Karnayim, he mentions that there is a machlokes mekubalim in the tzura of the letter yud within the last letter ה׳ of שם השם and a maskana on how to write it. Unfortunately, the מו׳׳ל did not print the pictures of the letters that were obviously in the original manuscript. I was curious if any sofrim on this forum might know what it referred to, or, at least find it interesting as I did.


  1. ראה של"ה דף ז בה"א ראשונה הוא ו' ובשניה היא י וסימן דודי. וראה פרי עץ חיים שער חג המצות פרק ג, ופרק ז

  2. Where do you see that he is discussing "the letter yud WITHIN the last letter ה׳"?


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