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Kavanot of maaseh hamerkavah

I received an email with a request to post the following sheila: I received a request from a potential client to scribe for him the kavanot of "maaseh hamerkavah." i have never endeavored to do this although the ktav itself seems easy enough. the question i have for the "olam" is if there is a specific sequence in which the maaseh hamerkavah must be written and/or specific amirot that should be said (similar to when writing a sefer torah, tefillin, mezuzot) -- basically, what, if anything, is required to undertake this project?

Something beautiful

Please see attached. I never saw anything like this before. Does anyone know where this coming from?

New images of Megillah written by the Rebbe Mahara"sh

New high-res images have been taken of the entire Megillah! They can be viewed at: This is the only extant work of STaM  by a Chabad Rebbe that is still in its perfect original form. There is another Megilla written by the Rebbe Maharash which is housed in the library of Agudas Chasidei Chabad. It, however, underwent an extensive "makeover" by a Brooklyn Sofer in the 1940s. It therefore has lost its original qualities. G-d willing the complete Megillah will be posted in time the Yohrtzeit of the Rebbe Maharash - 13 Tishrei. It should be noted that the Rebbe wrote of the Rebbe Maharash: "בקי הי' ואומן בכתיבת סת"ם. לכל אחד מבניו נתן מגילה כתובה בכתי"ק ... כן ישנם מזוזות גכתי"ק. People mistakenly believe that he did not write מזוזות. This is clearly inaccurate based on the above testament of the Rebbe. It should also be noted:

The letters which are written differently according to the אר"י ז"ל

In connection to the Yorzeit of the אר"י ז"ל 👆 from ספר שיח סופר כלל וא"ו