Kavanot of maaseh hamerkavah

I received an email with a request to post the following sheila:

I received a request from a potential client to scribe for him the kavanot of "maaseh hamerkavah." i have never endeavored to do this although the ktav itself seems easy enough. the question i have for the "olam" is if there is a specific sequence in which the maaseh hamerkavah must be written and/or specific amirot that should be said (similar to when writing a sefer torah, tefillin, mezuzot) -- basically, what, if anything, is required to undertake this project?


  1. I do not think that this will have any more kedusha when written verses when printed.
    People feel that klaf is more real. Similar to ktores on klaf.
    However the halachot of writing a shem bekdusha and not doing mechikas hashem are relevant.


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