New images of Megillah written by the Rebbe Mahara"sh

New high-res images have been taken of the entire Megillah!

They can be viewed at:

This is the only extant work of STaM  by a Chabad Rebbe that is still in its perfect original form.

There is another Megilla written by the Rebbe Maharash which is housed in the library of Agudas Chasidei Chabad. It, however, underwent an extensive "makeover" by a Brooklyn Sofer in the 1940s. It therefore has lost its original qualities.

G-d willing the complete Megillah will be posted in time the Yohrtzeit of the Rebbe Maharash - 13 Tishrei.

It should be noted that the Rebbe wrote of the Rebbe

"בקי הי' ואומן בכתיבת סת"ם. לכל אחד מבניו נתן מגילה כתובה בכתי"ק ... כן ישנם מזוזות גכתי"ק.

People mistakenly believe that he did not write מזוזות. This is clearly inaccurate based on the above testament of the Rebbe.

It should also be noted: people mistakenly believe that he wrote סת"ם merely as hand-exercise.

I think that the fallacy in the notion that a Tzaddik, who is far more aware of the sanctity of סת"ם than all of us put together, would write סת"ם merely as a hand exercise - is obvious.

Moreover, they cite the Rebbes words as the source for this... This too is inaccurate. The Rebbe writes:

מפני הבריאות ציוו עליו הרופאים להתעמל ולעסוק במלאכת יד, והיו בבית הרב כמה כלים שנעשו על ידו והם מעשה אומן עד להפליא. מהם: מנורה, גבוה כקומת איש בכלת י"ב - י"ג קנים, שולחנות עשוים מחתיכות קטנות של עץ ואבן "מאזאאיק" וכיו"ב.

In a new paragraph the Rebbe proceeds:

בקי היה ואומן בכתיבת סת"ם ...

It is clear that the two paragraphs have no intrinsic connection.


  1. Thanks for this informative post.

    I find it interesting that so many lamedim appear to have the left tug higher than the right. While these are the minority, it is still a substantial amount.

    Interesting too that in the ches, the right side of the choteteres is not thicker than the left. While we are not makpid to do that today (why not?), many of the older Chassidic ksovim had this feature. It is also brought down in S.A. Harav.

  2. Very nice Ktav. What is most interesting to me is how some Lamedim are slanted backwards when there's no space.


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