The letters which are written differently according to the אר"י ז"ל

In connection to the Yorzeit of the אר"י ז"ל

👆 from ספר שיח סופר כלל וא"ו


  1. Interesting that no tagin on the lamed, or mention if it.

    1. That he mentions in כלל ה"א since that's brought in שלחן ערוך.

      Here in כלל וא"ו he only discusses the details that defer according to the אר"י ז"ל.

    2. Oh ok.

      (But why not put it in the picture anyway, as he did all the other oktzim and tagin.

      Interesting he mentions a lamed should be chof / vov , (not chof /yud) which is not specific to the Arizal davkeh, rather something from shulchan oruch.)

    3. Seems that emphasis here is on the כ"ף that according to אר"י ז"ל it should be complete ממש בשלימות.

      And in regards to the וא"ו he refers to what he already said before.

      מענין לענין באותו ענין
      The מאיר עיני סופרים writes that he received from the צמח צדק that the "Moshav" should be just a bit shorter then the "Gag"


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