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Need your advice how to clean Sefer Torah

Sholom uvrocho, I need help what is the best way to clean dust and black residue from Sefer Torah. What chemicals can be safe to use? Tizku lemitzvois

Aleph Hafucha resources

Can anyone direct me to resources on the Aleph with Yud Hafucha, similar to the Arizal tzadi? I've heard that the Noda BiYuda is machshir but I cannot find this psak, or any other discussions. Thank you and Ksivo Vachasimo Toive

Worst Ksav Ever

May I suggest the "sofer" who wrote this strongly consider a different career path.

Gvil for a Sefer Torah

I received a request to post the following sheila: Is it possible to make גויל for a ספר תורה which is מעובד בסיד, or is usable גויל only able to be made in אפצים, due to differences in the result of the עיבוד ?

How to sew a Megillah according to all opinions?

What is the proper way of sewing Megillat Yeriot together? I know that the Keset brings down the idea of Meshuleshet (28:10), but I am unsure what exactly that means... 1. Is that case only with regards when someone does not have enough Gidden to sew the whole Megillah or is it for any sewing of a Megillah?  2. If the sewing needs to be Meshulashet, does that mean it needs to be a number divisible by three? So that means 3,6,9 etc are the numbers that fulfill this opinion? 3. Is the number Megillah stitches equal to the number for a Sefer Torah's stitching? 4. Any difference Minhagim for Sephardim, Ashkenazi, Chabad? As always, your inputs are helpful and I am extremely appreciative!

Leniency for sefer Torah that survived the Holocaust

I once heard that there are poskim which lechatchillah allow leniencies in  a sefer torah saved from the Holocaust. I've even heard that a Holocaust sefer can be used lechatchillah even if the majority of opinions render it problematic, so long as there is a "yesh lismoch",  it is OK to use. For all other sifrei Torah such a rule would only apply if you have already taken it out and found a problem during the laining (we can be lenient because of tirchei ditzibura). Has anyone else heard such a thing and if so, can they please advise which poskim hold this and are there any printed teshuvos on the matter? Thanks